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Aligning Your Passions

With Dynamic Solutions

Addressing the Well-Being of Your Wealth

Through personalized strategies, we’ll work with you to acknowledge where you are currently and where you see yourself moving forward. Through specified planning, we will help you gain the confidence you need to succeed financially.

Who You Are

EnergyEnergy Executive

Business OwnersBusiness Owner

Individuals and FamilyIndividual or Family

RetirementPre-Retiree or Retiree

What You’re Interested In

Financial Planning

Your journey is unique, which is why we develop a financial plan to fit your needs, not everyone else’s. This process is the foundation on which portfolio management, risk management, estate planning and tax planning are built. Together, we’ll address:

  • Cash Flow and Spending
  • Investment Analysis
  • Employee Benefits
  • College Funding
  • Insurance
  • Income Tax
  • Estate Planning

Through close collaboration, we will work with you to define your financial goals, develop your family mission and ultimately build a financial plan that will serve as a financial roadmap for reaching your goals.

Portfolio Management

We’ll take into consideration your risk tolerance along with the means necessary to achieve your financial goals in order to develop an investment portfolio designed specifically with your needs in mind. By working closely with our portfolio managers to ensure you have access to well-developed investment strategies, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your portfolio is positioned in a beneficial way to meet your financial goals.

Risk Management

Using insurance to transfer the risk of an unforeseen circumstance is one of the many tools we implement to protect the futures of both you and your family. We’ll work closely with you to weigh the cost of insurance against the benefit of unloading the risk exposure by developing a risk management strategy you are both comfortable with and understand.

Estate Planning

Our advisors will work closely with your estate attorney to establish and/or maintain your estate plan to best reflect your hopes for the future of your wealth. Through private trust services, generational planning and various strategies, our team of experienced advisors will help guide you through this often overlooked aspect of wealth management.

Tax Planning

In addition to having access to CPAs dedicated to understanding complex tax planning circumstances, we work closely with a fantastic CPA firm dedicated to offering tax advice and filing services. If you already have a CPA, we can work with them to ensure that everyone maintains the same expectations for the financial road ahead.

Transparent Costs From the Start

Our compensation is primarily a fee-based formula that ties our success directly with yours, rather than to sales commissions. Our focus is on your financial well-being and the success of your family and future generations.

Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

Quickly gain insight into your own risk tolerance and the volatility that you can expect from your portfolio.

What Is Your Risk Number?