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Our CDFA® Professionals help you through your divorce and beyond

Our Mission: To help people navigate the financial complication and uncertainty of divorce
so they can feel at peace and confident with their financial future.

Our Vision: To provide a community and financial planning to help divorcees reimagine and pursue their future.

What you can expect from us :

We listen with Empathy to understand the uniqueness of your situation

We exhibit Patience when handling the interpersonal complications of divorce

We handle the process with Integrity to ensure a lasting resolution

We establish Openness to cultivate an honest conversation about what’s most important to you

how we can help You

  • Work with you and your financial data to help achieve more equitable settlements

  • Outline the financial implications of divorce and develop a realistic picture of your financial situation as you learn this new dance

  • Project the short- and long-term financial impacts of different settlement proposals 

  • Help in understanding the following areas:.

    • Personal vs. marital property

    • Valuing and dividing property

    • Retirement accounts and pension

    • Child and spousal support

    • Splitting the house

    • Tax problems and solutions


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We’re Committed to Being there Every Step of the Way

Our team truly enjoys providing dedicated service to you and your loved ones, and this includes being there through transitional moments in life. We will be there for every step as you transition to a new dance in life. 

Get to Know Our Team Members