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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the Financial Advisors at Robare & Jones fiduciaries?
Yes! As fiduciary advisors, we always make sure to act within the best interest of the clients. This equates to us finding the solutions at the best price for our clients while maintaining growth goals to and through retirement. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, and strive to not just make suitable recommendations, but recommendations that individually give you the highest rate of success. 

Does Robare & Jones work as Individual advisors or as a Team?
At Robare & Jones, we work together as a team which is productive for our team and beneficial for you as a client. 
You'll have some of the brightest minds working together that specialize in different areas to help create in-depth and complex financial planning for your future. This also allows us to meet with clients much more frequently knowing that we share the workload as a team and not as individuals. 
Working as a team will also benefit you because instead of retiring with your advisors, you'll have a team that will work with you from beginning to end! 

How does Robare & Jones get paid?
Robare and Jones offers fee-based advising, which means that we are paid on a percentage of account values under management. This puts both our interest and your interest in alignment by working to grow your account value, and not billing on commission from account activity. We offer portfolio management at a low cost with cost-effective options to help your retirement funds grow at a rapid rate! 

What's included in the fees for working with Robare & Jones?
The two main components of our fees derive from maintaining a comprehensive financial plan and wealth management in relation to that financial plan. We believe the two have a symbiotic relationship, so communication is the best way to ensure that we are on the right track. 
But you could get financial planning and wealth management anywhere, so why else would you chose us? 
We strive on requiring all advisors at our office to achieve and maintain their Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) license which is the gold standard for financial advisors, so you know you are receiving top quality planning for retirement. We also maintain contact with our clients weekly by producing tons of current market material. Working with Robare & Jones also has perks like being able to walk into the office and be greeted with a smiling face and multiple advisors being able to help because of our team mentality. 
Lastly, we do many things for our clients "off the field". We often host a Quarterly Investment Forum where you'll be treated by a wonderful meal and stay in tune on our firm's outlooks from the past quarter and going forward. We also host volunteer events by getting together with our team and clients to dedicate time and resources to give back to our surrounding community. 
Oh and did we mention...no ring tones or phone trees to go through. You can just call us directly for any needs and we're happy to help! 
How often do will I meet with an Advisor?
We’ll contact you to meet with us 2 - 4 times a year but are flexible on frequency based on your needs. Life happens and we understand, so we want to make sure everyone is on the same page to help keep your retirement plan on the road for success! 

How would Robare and Jones invest my money?
We have hand-picked portfolios that we create for many different clients needs. These portfolios are updated on a quarterly basis and sometimes more often than that based on market conditions. 
This gives us an appropriate balance of active management while keeping long term investment goals in-mind. We take a great amount of pride that all of our investment selection is done in-house without being outsourced or having a cookie-cutter selection of portfolios for our clients. 

What custodian do you use for client accounts?
We use Fidelity as our primary custodian, which has been a great relationship for us and our clients. It's important to know who holds your assets, so we wanted to make sure it was one of the biggest and best custodians. This ensures great checks and balances while helping us with the ability to view your assets for recommendations.  

If I have a 401K through Fidelity can you manage it for me?
Sometimes. Each 401K plan differs based on the plan administration and rules of the plan. For most of our clients that have 401K plans through Fidelity, we are able to assist them with the asset management of the account, while also considering the account allocation into your entire financial plan. Whether we can directly manage your 401K or not, we will certainly make recommendations on it as we take a look at how your whole financial plan can work together to achieve your goals.  

How do I start working with Robare & Jones?
Great question! You can contact us on our website at robare-jones.com/contact-us or give us a call at (281) 374-0756