About Robare & Jones

Robare & Jones has been helping clients manage their finances and reach their retirement goals for over 30 years. Our independent, Houston-based firm offers a full range of financial planning and asset management services to individuals, families, and businesses.

A Dedicated
Long-Term Partner

Our client retention rate is 97% over a 10-year rolling time period. Founded and built on consistent performance and unwavering integrity and trust, our success as asset managers depends upon maintaining successful relationships with our clients over the long haul.

Committed to Communication

Personal contact, phone calls, conference calls, market updates, and Quarterly Investment Forums are some of the ways we help our clients confidently enjoy retirement without the fear of unwanted surprises.

Independent Allies

Robare & Jones is founded on integrity. As independent advisors planners, we propose only the strategies and products that best meet our clients’ needs. Our compensation is primarily a fee-based formula that directly ties our success to your success, rather than to sales commissions. As an independent firm, we answer directly to our clients, not to a parent company.

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About Our Team

Our Advisors are dedicated, client focused and have advanced degrees or certifications like Certified Financial Planners. Robare & Jones oversees in excess of $350 million in client assets. Together with our team of support staff, we provide our clients with expert guidance and responsive communication in all aspects of financial planning and asset management.

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