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Family Love Letter Webinar - March 21, 2024 Thumbnail

Family Love Letter Webinar - March 21, 2024

Estate planning is never fun to think about, but is a necessary conversation to have. With a Family Love Letter, that conversation becomes a bit easier. The Family Love Letter is an estate planning tool that helps organize the paper trail that you have created over your lifetime. This gives your loved ones clarity and insight into what you would have wanted, reducing the stress and conflict which often follows the loss of a loved one. 

Robare & Jones organized a Family Love Letter webinar for clients to show the importance of having this option in your estate planning tool kit. The Family Love Letter is one of many ways to help you and your family feel prepared for all of life's expected and unexpected events. This discussion guided clients through sensitive yet critical conversations to have with family about preserving and transferring their legacy. 

We hope that with your own personalized love letter to your family, it can reduce confusion during a time of grief.