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Charitable Giving Strategies Webinar Thumbnail

Charitable Giving Strategies Webinar

Charitable Giving Strategies Webinar

On October 6th, our guest speaker Brandon O'Neil from Fidelity, presented covering some of the benefits and tax incentives to donating you funds to different charitable organizations.

The webinar covered different strategies like 

  • Understand the charitable giving vehicles and landscape
  • Learn about donor-advised funds and strategic giving ideas
  • Comprehend Qualified Charitable Distributions, QCDs
  • Amplify your charitable gifts by gifting the most tax-advantaged assets
  • Combine multi-year deductions into one year

Following Brandon's presentation, we wrapped up with answering some Q&A on how to help apply these strategies for the benefit of different charities. Overall it was a fantastic event with over 100 attendees. We look forward to our next webinar, and for updates on all of our events, enter your email on our Event Page for more information.