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Fun Friday



We wanted to change things up a little bit (in a good way) and send you a neat visual. We thought we’d send over something fun and easy to digest going into your weekend. You can find the link to the visual listed here. In the visual is a breakdown of all of the ins-and-outs of the different companies comprising the Dow Jones Index since its inception of 30 companies dating back to 1928


Dow Jones Index Fun Facts:

Q: How many companies were originally in the Dow Jones Index beginning in 1896?

              A: 12

Q: What year did the Dow Jones increase the most? And by what percentage?

              A: In 1915 the Dow increased by 81.66%

Q: If you invested $100 (and reinvested dividend payments) in the Dow in 1896, how much would it be worth today?

              A: $895,580,000


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We hope you found the information above valuable, and as always feel free to reach out with any questions on our contact page or you can email one of the advisors directly.



Have a great weekend!