Certified Experts

All of our financial advisors are Certified Financial Planners who have met the strict education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements of that designation.

Lifetime Advisors

We view financial management as a long-term relationship and pride ourselves on a client retention rate of 97% over a 10-year period. Many of our long-term clients are now retirees, and we are experts in planning and asset management for a secure retirement.

Partners & Educators

We are on top of the market, offering our clients both the security of tradition and the opportunity of innovation. Through frequent personal communication and Quarterly Investment Forums, we strive to educate and engage our clients in making informed, confident decisions to build their financial future.

Independent Allies

Robare & Jones is founded on integrity. As independent advisors planners, we propose only the strategies and products that best meet our clients’ needs. Our compensation is primarily a fee-based formula that directly ties our success to your success, rather than to sales commissions. As an independent firm, we answer directly to our clients, not to a parent company.

Community Leaders

Robare & Jones is proud to give back to our community by supporting many of cultural and philanthropic organizations in the Northwest Houston area.