Weekly Market Commentary, June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015  | By Robare & Jones

The Markets The term ‘Grexit’ (short for Greek Exit) has gained quite a lot of traction as a nickname during the past few months. The British press appropriated a variation, Brexit, when they discovered that the Bank of England was researching the potential risks of renegotiating membership in the European Union, or possibly even leaving the group—but that’s another story. This is about Greece, and it’s a Grexhausting tale. Last week, The Economist explained the state of affairs this way, … Read More

Weekly Market Commentary, June 23, 2015

June 23, 2015  | By Robare & Jones

The Markets You’re probably familiar with the seven-year itch. Not the movie with Marilyn Monroe, but the concept that relationships can lose their luster after seven years. That may be what happened last week in China. Investors got itchy and the Chinese stock market suffered its worst week since 2008. The Shanghai Composite lost more than 13 percent during the week, and the Shenzhen Composite was down 12.7 percent, according to MarketWatch. The previous Friday, the Shenzhen had closed at … Read More

Weekly Market Commentary, June 16, 2015

June 16, 2015  | By Robare & Jones

  The Markets Sir John Templeton once said: “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism, and die on euphoria.” If he was right, investor sentiment seems to support the idea the bull market may be around for a while. The American Association of Individual Investors’ most recent poll indicated investors aren’t feeling very optimistic: 20 percent of investors were bullish – fewer than in the previous poll, and far lower than the historic average of … Read More

Weekly Market Commentary, June 9, 2015

June 9, 2015  | By Robare & Jones

The Markets   If it looks like a bond, and it acts like a bond…oh…that’s the problem. Government bonds aren’t acting the way investors expect. Last week, 10-year U.S. Treasuries – which, typically, are thought to be safe and stable investments – suffered the biggest one-week sell off since June 2013, according to The Wall Street Journal. Treasuries finished the week yielding 2.4 percent, a gain of 0.3 percent. In the world of stodgy, backed-by-the-full-faith-and-credit-of-the-U.S.-government-bonds, that’s a big change. The … Read More

Weekly Market Commentary, June 2, 2015

June 2, 2015  | By Robare & Jones

The Markets   Is it possible to have an economic optical illusion? On Friday, the Commerce Department reported the U.S. economy contracted at an annualized rate of 0.7 percent during the first quarter of 2015. The Federal Reserve sees things slightly differently. Previously, the Commerce Department had reported our gross domestic product (GDP), which is the value of all goods and services produced in the United States, had increased at an annualized rate of 0.2 percent during the first quarter. … Read More